• Vernazza, the jewel of the Cinque Terre, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 and visited every year by thousands of tourists, was devastated by floods on October 25th 2011.
  • Three people lost their life. The village was literally buried by more than 4 meters (13 ft.) of mud and debris.
  • The roads suffered immense damages and presently Vernazza cannot be reached by road.
  • The railway line was also damaged, but thanks to the timely intervention of volunteers and railway workers, the circulation could soon be resumed. Presently only residents and authorized staff are allowed to get on and off trains at Vernazza station.
  • The village can now be reached only by train and by sea, with all ensuing inconveniences.
  • In response to this tragedy, institutions, citizens and volunteers from all Italy and abroad, rushed to give a hand to free Vernazza from the mug.
  • At the same time, gathering centers were established in the neighboring villages to provide immediate assistance.
  • The work of the volunteers was greatly enhanced by the “word of mouth” on social networks (primarily Facebook), where people interested in the fate of this village gathered in groups to spread the word and increase the awareness of the tragedy.
  • The damages were estimated in more than 100 million Euros and the village had to be evacuated for safety reasons.
  • Actually only a handful of volunteers authorized by the Major and the security personnel dealing with emergencies can live in Vernazza.
  • The institutions can ensure only a small share of the funds needed to restore Vernazza to its ancient splendor, therefore it is urgent to activate all available means to obtain help.
  • Our common aim is to reconstruct the village, preserving its historical and cultural heritage.
  • The Mayor of Vernazza, Vincenzo Resasco, declared: “The reconstruction works shall focus on the security of the village, of its residents and visitors and on the preservation of its peculiarity.”
  • Consequently, if we don’t want Vernazza to become a ghost town, our absolute priority shall be the prevention of further landslides (more than a hundred thereof were recorded!)
    Until that moment, the evacuated population will not be able to return to the village and to bring it back to life.
  • Bringing Vernazza back to life is not only an absolute necessity for its citizens and many affectionate visitors, who consider it their “place of the heart”… but it is also vital for the economy of the area and its surroundings, for its great impacts on jobs. In fact, between direct and indirect workers, more than 3000 jobs are at risk.
  • What can we do to save Vernazza?
  • From the day of the tragedy, people are working full time to clear the roads and the premises. You can already see the progress, but a lot has still to be done.
  • Each of us, according to their means, can contribute.
  • All together, we can bring Vernazza, one of most charming villages in Italy and in the world, back to life.

For this reason, the nonprofit Association Per Vernazza Futura ONLUS was formed, under the patronage of Vernazza City Administration Una pietra per Vernazza A stone for Vernazza.

A stone for Vernazza
Is the name of the project, established by the City Administration of Vernazza and by the Association Per Vernazza Futura ONLUS. Its aim is to assist the financing of the reconstruction of the public works destroyed in the floods of October 25th.
You can contribute to this project with a donation as follows:
minimum aumont 20,00 € for individuals and 50,00 € for companies and businesses.
The name of every donor will be recorded inside one of the new premises forming part of the greater project of rebuilding the new Vernazza.
Donations can be made on the bank account on the name of:

Associazione Per Vernazza Futura
Via S. Francesco, 56 – 19018 Vernazza (SP)
bank details:
Banca di Pescia Credito Cooperativo
Viale Giacomo Puccini, 893 – 55100 S. Anna (LU)
IT81B 08358 13701 000000 758974

Motivation : Una Pietra Per Vernazza

for further information:
Vernazza City Administration: +39 0187 821247
Vittorio Barani: +39 335 1036315
Marco Evangelista: +39 340 1144550

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